5 Year Warranty on Pool Plaster

February 25, 2015

 G&B Tile and Plaster, Ltd (G&B) is a professional swimming pool sub-contractor specializing in tile and coping installations, custom stonework and all plaster finishes for swimming pools for both new construction projects and backyard renovations. We have been offering these services throughout North Texas and surrounding areas since 2004. 

In 2009, G&B made the decision to implement a new process in the swimming pool industry to set ourselves apart from the competition.  We began prepping our swimming pool replasters with the best process available. G&B utilizes a 40,000 PSI UHP Water Jetting Machine; hitting every square inch with up to 40,000 PSI to remove all previous plaster layers and to create a superior anchor pattern for our customers’ finish investment.  Our method of replastering has far exceeded industry standards.  

Since that time, G&B has become the only plaster applicator in DFW to offer a 5 year warranty on every replaster we perform.  This is G&B’s warranty and not a manufacturer’s warranty; creating a warranty that is far better than any manufacturer’s warranty. It covers labor, material, and guarantees the finish to be bonded to the substrate.   G&B has now become the only plaster applicator in DFW that is offering a 5 year warranty on every plaster installation, new construction and replaster.  

 We’ve gained incredible knowledge about substrate preparation after UHP Water Jetting for 6 years; providing us with insight that no other applicator has learned. We will be challenging the DFW pool industry to do better. G&B is putting our hat in that ring by offering your plaster customers our 5 year warranty. 

 Call G&B Tile and Plaster if you want to offer the best to your customers.   We look forward to speaking with you. Pricing, plaster finishes included in our warranty, and warranty terms will be available upon request.    


 Greg Musgrove, Owner