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all pool replaster methods are not equal

When preparing to have your pool replastered Homeowners should ask their Contractor how long the plaster finish being installed will be guaranteed to adhere to the substrate. G&B Tile and Plaster guarantees our process longer than any competitor. It is detailed in our 10 year guarantee.

There are several methods of replastering that are acceptable, according to the National Plasterers Council Technical Manual. The Standard Method in our market (DFW) is the use of bond coat to adhere the new plaster to the old plaster. The problem with this common method is the type of bond coats used and the extent at which they are used. Bond coats = Hollow Plaster. At G&B Tile and Plaster we don’t use the standard method, we use the best method.

Replastering a pool does not mean to layer plaster layer upon plaster layer upon plaster layer. Any plaster company can replaster a pool; however, if you hire a company that replasters your pool without first removing the previous replaster layer(s) prior to the replaster prep process, your pool replaster investment will not last long. It will not be properly replastered. If a pool that is going to be replastered has more than one layer of plaster, the outer layers must be completely removed. Anything less than this is a bad practice that can lead to failure in your investment. A replaster should only be performed on the original plaster layer.

There are two main types of bond coats used in the pool industry when replastering a pool. Bond Coats = Hollow Plaster:

Manufactured bond coats (such as Multicoat,CLI,or SGM) designed for underwater use, are acceptable if the pool has never been replastered and the existing plaster is solid. Manufactured bond coats should not be used over multiple layers of plaster without first stripping the layers of plaster off the pool to find a solid, non-hollow surface. The applicator must follow the manufactures directions. Manufactured bond coats are only as good as the individual installing the material.

“Glue bond coats” or homebrews are widely used by several companies in DFW. This is simply glue with other components added to it, creating a product that not been designed for underwater use. It is used by those companies to save money at your expense. They will never guarantee it to last. They hope it will survive one year. Allowing a home brew bond coat to be used on yourpool is a bad practice If you see a company using a homebrew bond coat on your pool replaster investment, you should stop them immediately and call G&B Tile and Plaster.

G&B Tile and Plaster does not use bond coats of any type!

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