Pool Professionals’ Appreciation Day 2017

G&B Tile and Plaster is holding its first annual Pool Professionals Appreciation Day offering a day of free educational seminars and demonstrations.
Invited attendees will have the opportunity to learn the following:
What types of plaster finishes are available on the market
How do the types of plaster finishes perform in a swimming pool environment
How cement has evolved in pool plaster over the years
Just what is a pozzolan
Surface deterioration – spot etching

Demonstrations will provide our attendees with the opportunity to see how a polished pebble finish is installed and polished; what exactly is the Hydro Demo Replaster Prep Process; how does a 5100 CFM Vacuum Truck come into play in the replaster…and just why you should stay away from homebrew bond coats.

Free day of education for Pool Professionals'.
Free day of education for Pool Professionals’.