What is Hydro Demo Replaster Prep?

You’re getting ready to close your pool down from the season and you notice it’s seen better days; the plaster appears to be missing in some areas, it’s a little rough to the touch and are those cracks near the pool’s skimmer throat… As you go in for a closer look you start to wonder if it is time for some pool remodeling.

“We have had this pool a while” you think. “Might be time to get it redone.

But as you start to do some research, you come across an unfamiliar term: hydro demo replaster.

If you are in the market for a pool remodel, read on to learn everything you need to know about the hydro demo replaster prep process offered by G&B Tile and Plaster (“G&B”).


Prep is the most important part of pool remodeling.

pool remodeling. water jettingIt’s All About the Prep

Have you ever had to have a house or car re-painted?  If so, you know it’s all about prepping the surface prior to the new paint.  The prep phase of the new paint application is the most important step in the project. It necessary to remove all loose layers of paint and dirt before applying the new paint. If the surface that is receiving the new paint was not clean and free of loose, hollow or flaking material, the newly painted surface would also fail.

G&B’s hydro demo replaster prep process is focused on the prep of the old plaster. The hydro demo replaster prep blasts off the old weak plaster– down to strongest plaster and gunite to create a superior “anchor” pattern.  G&B’s hydro demo replaster process comes with a 10-year warranty against bond failure of the new plaster.

It’s all about the PSI

So what exactly is hydro demo replaster?  You are probably familiar with PSI (pounds per square inch) when it comes to tire pressure; however, PSI can also apply to water pressure.  G&B’s hydro demo replaster prep processes uses an UHP (ultra high pressure) water jetting machine that creates 40,000 PSI using the typical water supply from a residential home water supply.  The UHP machine used by G&B blasts water at the plaster in the pool to remove all organics, paint, weak plaster; this process creates a superior anchor pattern for the new pool finish. 



Couldn’t I Pressure Wash That Stuff Away?

Pressure washing a pool is not like hydro demo replaster. Pressure washers range from 2,300 psi to 4,000 psi.  G&B’s hydro demo replaster prep process is 40,000 psi. While pressure washing can clean concrete the hydro demo replaster prep process removes layers of old, weak plaster and gunite.  In fact, the hydro demo process is strong enough to cut through gunite if needed to make structural adjustments and/or repairs to your pool. 



Our hydro demo replaster prep comes with a 10-year warranty against bond failure.

water jetting, pool remodelingIt is guaranteed!

Our hydro demo replaster prep comes with a 10-year warranty against bond failure. Hydro demo replaster is not limited by rain or freezing temps. We cover the pool during the process with a debris net and clean up with a 5100 CFM vacuum truck.

So, what do the other guys do?  Other plaster applicator companies use a product called bond coat and typically offer a 1-year workmanship warranty.  Most of these companies make their own bond coat. Therefore, these companies do not trust their process to last to give customers any longer of a warranty. Most bond coat failure issues occur after the plaster has been underwater for approximately 18 months. Oh, and by the way, bond coat cannot be installed during rain or if freezing temperatures are expected to take place overnight; along with other limitations.  However, we see these limitations ignored regularly. 

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G&B Tile and Plaster is a professional swimming pool sub-contractor specializing in tile and coping installations, customer stonework and all plaster finished for swimming pools for both backyard renovations and new construction projects.  G&B is the only plaster applicator in North Texas with the confidence and conviction in the services we provide to offer our clients a 10-year warranty with every pool we replaster with our hydro demo prep process. If you’re considering water jetting for your pool, call G&B Tile and Plaster today at (972) 906-0142.

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