White Plaster

Sapphire Ultra-Poz

So, you want to plaster your pool. You just want White Plaster because you say you do not need anything fancy and just want the plain old school white plaster. That is perfectly fine but you must hear or read this first.
Putting White Plaster in your pool today is like putting an 8-Track Cassette Player in your brand-new Car. It is antiquated technology. There are far more advanced finishes out there that incorporate quartz, pebbles, pozzolans, and cement polymers. You can get those finishes in all white also. White Plaster today is not the same as it was 20 years ago, and you should not settle for it.
Sapphire Ultra-Poz
I want to introduce you to Ultra-Poz.
Ultra-Poz is a unique polymer and pozzolan modified pool interior finish. Ultra-Poz has the highest levels of blended polymers and pozzolans available in the market today. It is mixed with a natural aggregate, colored quartz, and a white cement that produces an extremely durable rock-hard surface.
Utra-Poz is far better than a White Plaster finish or a simple 50% Quart Plaster. Ultra-Poz will out perform both of those finishes.
Simply adding quartz to plaster is good but if you do not modify the cement binder you are not protecting the plaster from the most common failure. Ultra-Poz addresses both sides of the critical issues and produces one of the most durable finishes on the market today. The unique modifiers and mineral additives densify the surface, thus increasing the resistance to chemical deterioration.
Ultra-Poz can also be polished. This exposes the quartz beautifully. This can be done when originally installed or at any time in the future for an extra cost.
G&B Tile and Plaster is the only applicator for Ultra-Poz in Texas currently. Previously only available in Arizona. G&B Was chosen for this opportunity because of our 10 Year Bond Guarantee. At G&B we strive to offer the best processes and finishes.